The Plimsoll Analysis

10th February 2017

THE ELECTRIC INCENTIVE COMPANY LTD has been examined and valued alongside the UK’s 524 largest Promotional Products in a new market study. The 2017 Plimsoll Analysis lets you quickly see how your own performance compares to other companies in your industry, including:

  • You are one of only 256 Promotional Products companies to have been rated as STRONG
  • Your company is the 163rd largest in the UK market
  • You are also the 182nd most profitable
  • You are also the 26th fastest growing company
  • You are also the 163rd most valuable company
  • Your company is one of 255 to have seen their value rise
  • Your company is named in 2 exceptional performance categories


Source: Plimsoll Analysis 6/2/2017

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