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We Make Rewarding Easy

EIC Direct is your one stop supplier for the latest electronics, goods, homeware, and designer items and we supply our services for Reward Schemes, Loyalty Programs, Employee Recognition, and Personalised items.

Secondly, Are you looking to motivate your sales team? Give recognition to a 10-year loyal employee? Provide loyalty schemes to your customers? Then, look no further. Here at E.I.C. we strive to eliminate the stress to reward and motivate your employees, clients, and customers.

Give us a call today to discuss our many options and schemes we can supply to fit your exact needs and budget. From individual rewards to large scale gifts and incentives, we cover it all.

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Other Services

Reward, Incentivise, Promote

Employee Recognition

Reward Your Employees' Hard Work

We can tailor reward packages for employers to choose from, including long service awards, retirements, points based loyalty programs, and product catalogues so employees can see what they are working toward.

Merchandise Procurement

Top Brand Supplier

EIC Direct is a discount supplier for top brands such as, Sennheiser, Callaway, Sage, Bosch, and many more! Enquire today to see what Brands we can supply for your budget and needs.

Sales Incentive Programs

Drive Sales and Productivity

Employees work hard every day. Why not give them something to work towards? We can supply a customer specific program to drive sales, promote productivity, or even reward customers. This can be a points based system, individual gift given when a product or bought, or sales target is reached.

HR and Marketing Agencies

Let Us Take the Stress Off You

Are you a Marketing or Procurement Manager or a Sales Promotion Agency? Is it your responsibility to create a successful campaign for your client or brand? Have you been tasked with a new product launch or need to supply a reward to a whole department or team? Let us take the stress from you and deliver a fantastic package from start to finish, with the best price guaranteed. EIC will always supply the best products whilst keeping to your budget.

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