Le Creuset Cast Iron Tagine – Volcanic

Our cast iron tagine is perfect for whipping up a moreish Moroccan feast, but its skills don’t stop there. Use it to slow cook meat or vegetables in any style, with a dash of liquid. The cast iron base cooks food evenly while the stoneware lid locks in steam to form cool water droplets that fall back in to the ingredients for extra succulence and flavour. (27 cm)

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Quick clean-up: an enamel interior helps make light work of cleaning.
Great tasting food: the cast iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning. Your delicious creations will also stay warmer at the table for longer.
Locks in moisture: our tight-fitting lid helps boost moisture and enhances flavour, for perfectly cooked food.
Not too hot: cook with a steady, low to medium heat to take care of your cast iron and enjoy delicious results.
The choice is yours: available in different sizes to suit your kitchen needs.