My reward perks

The Exclusive Employee Discount Club

Tired of gifting your employees small value gift cards, looking to show your appreciation for their hard work? HR looking for better ways to say thank you, with something other than a gift card? 

Do you have a small budget or already have a perks program in place and don’t know if you can try another one? 

Look no further than MyRewardPerks: The Exclusive Discount Club

Reward your employees 365 days a year with access to over 1000s products at prices not available to the general public! The platform can stand alone or be paired with any existing perks plan! Requires Zero maintenance and all issues are dealt with by MyRewardPerks.

How does it work?

MyRewardPerks is an exclusive discount site that your employees will have access to

  • Exclusive Deals are not available to the general public.
  • A unique login that gives them access by being a part of your organisation.
  • Tailored payment plans to meet the needs of small organisation to large.
  • Over 50 top brands for them to buy from including Bose, Sonos, GHD, JBL, Bosch, Body Sculpture, Jo Malone, Smeg, Coleman, and many more.
  • Savings on average between 15%-20% on top brands.
  • Management or HR also has the ability to gift employees through the website with vouchers, products, and personalised gifts.

Interested in enrolling your team?

Why You Should Choose MyRewardPerks

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of employee perks and benefit platforms out there. How do you choose? 

Easy. Choose a platform that helps with the everyday. That is what employees stated they were most interested in a recent survey.* With MyRewardPerks they can save up to an average of 15% on major brands and items they may have been saving up for as a treat, furnishing their house, or even to finally replace that appliance. 

Giving access to this discount club can save your employees on average £150-£200 a year on major brands such as Bose, Sonos, JBL, GHD, Dyson, Bosch, Smeg, Coleman, Outback Grills and BBQs, Joseph Joseph and more.

Still not sure? How about a free trial to see how your employees enjoy the platform, if your team is not satisfied with the platform there is no obligation to continue.

*Findings from YouGov Plc ( 2020 

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